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The criminalization of competition law


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Fabio Humar - What's next in the trial of Nicolás Petro.


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The Failure of the Accusatory Penal System


Nicolás Petro's Confession


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Talk: Does Economic Criminal Law Exist?


Talk: Does Economic Criminal Law Exist?


THE CORONELL REPORT | In weeks, assassin discovered by the father of his victim will arrive in Colombia.


Fabio Humar | Money Laundering and Criminal Law


Fabio Humar | Prosecutor and Petro, the Contradictory Politicians


Who is Fabio Humar


Lawyer specialized in criminal law, with litigation experience in the United States.

Former District Attorney, Humar has a background in the Financial Crimes Unit, Money Laundering, and Economic Order, as well as the Copyright Unit and Individual Liberties Unit.

The accuracy and detailed work delivered are the result of academic excellence in postgraduate studies in criminal law, constitutional law, administrative law, and economic law; as well as continuing education in different subjects related to criminal law.

Fellow in the Department of State and Partners of America, working with the Special Investigations Unit of Boston’s Office of the Attorney General. Humar is a Massachusetts certified lawyer. 


Fabio Humar
Fabio Humar


Honest treatment, smart strategies


Defense in criminal investigations by the Fiscalía General de la Nación and proceedings in Courts, Tribunals, and the Supreme Court of Justice in criminal matters.

Attorney General’s Office:


Supreme Court of Justice:

Defense in tax investigations (Procuraduría General de la República) and disciplinary investigations (Procuraduría General de la Nación y Comisión Nacional de Disciplina Judicial).

Comptroller General of the Republic:

Advice and consultancy on financial risks with criminal and reputational impact, such as the risk of money laundering through internal fraud and bank and financial fraud.

Defense in the investigations and proceedings in the AMV (Self-regulator of the Securities Market).

AMV Self-Regulator of the Stock Market:

Review of commercial and civil acts and their possible impact on criminal matters.

Consultancy in Preventive Criminal Law for companies and Compliance.

And Rankings

Our greatest recognition is the trust that clients show us when working together.
Being included in the international rankings of the most important law firms in the country confirms our commitment, excellence, and result-oriented work.

  • 2023 Leaders League

    Fabio Humar Abogados is ranked in the category of excellence, recognized as one of the best firms in Colombia in conflict resolution and white-collar crime.

  • 2023 The Legal 500

    Fabio Humar Abogados secured the second position among the best compliance and white-collar crime firms in 2023.

  • 2022 The Legal 500

    Once again, Fabio Humar Abogados is acknowledged as one of the best firms in Colombia in Antitrust Compliance and Business Criminal Law.

  • 2022 Leaders League

    Fabio Humar Abogados held the second position among the best firms in Compliance and White-Collar Crimes in Colombia.

  • 2021 The Legal 500

    Recognition as one of the leading firms in Colombia in Compliance and White-Collar Crime.

  • 2021 The Legal 500

    Our founding partner, Fabio Humar, is highlighted as a leader in the field of Litigation.



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