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With over 10 years’ experience in financial criminal litigation and white-collar crimes, Fabio Humar’s experience is supported by an interdisciplinary team with more than a decade in public positions, among them Delegate Prosecutor for Financial Crimes. He speaks with Lawyer Monthly about how he tackles his cases, how Colombia tackles financial crime, and his predictions for Cryptocurrency.

What are the first three things you consider when you begin to tackle a new criminal law case?

I always begin with the premise that my client deserves the best defense, and we insist on providing just that. I also consider the political or social factors that can influence the defense environment. Finally, I analyze my client’s willingness to actively collaborate with the defense. The client trusts us to manage the case, but we must trust him to give us all of their strategic collaboration in our representation.


What has been the most challenging criminal law case you have litigated on and why? How did you overcome these challenges?

The most challenging case I have been involved in is known in Colombia as the “Interbolsa” case. This is the country’s largest financial scandal in the last three decades, with ramifications extending to all sectors of the country. In this case, I represented more than a hundred victims, and I’ve had to face challenges that I never imagined, which I and my team successfully overcame.

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