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Bilingual lawyer. Professional practice in criminal law, with litigation experience in the United States.

District Attorney for more than 5 years with experience in the financial crimes unit, money laundering and economic order, as well as the copyright unit and individual liberties unit.

Litigation on criminal law with emphasis on securities, financial, economic and public administration law. Strong experience in criminal proceedings of the United States.

Fellow in the Department of State and Partners of America, where I worked with the special investigations unit of Boston’s Office of the Attorney General, Boston. Massachusetts certificate as a lawyer linked to such Office.

Defense against criminal investigations undertaken by the Attorney-General Office, and criminal proceedings underway in courts, tribunals and Supreme Court of Justice.

Counseling on prevention of money-laundering, financial and banking fraud.

Review of civil and commercial acts and its possible impact on criminal matters.

Defense matters in fiscal and disciplinary investigations.

Counseling in criminal implications of antitrust and public tender law.

Firm assessment on Preventive Criminal Law.

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